our team

Our Team

BisZinc is formed by three IT professional, Victor, Nick and Louie. Victor was the development manager of IBM Hong Kong cloud computing lab, having 20+years of software development, operation and process management experience, Nick has decade of experience in SME market engagement and business operation, and Louie, who is a service delivery professional, with over 25 years of experience providing technical solution to company large and ultra large. We brand together and using our experience and resources to deliver this solution to our intended customer

Victor Tsang


20+ years of SaaS solution development and operation experience. Ex-IBM HK Lab manager, currently looking after development and business execution of the BisZinc

Louie Chung


25+ years of solution development and market engagement experience, looking after BisZinc marketing strategy and go to market effort

Nick Cheng


12+ years of mid-market engagement and sales experience, focus on managing general business operation and strategy design

Raymond Lee

Chief technical and strategy advisor

30+ years of software and strategy development experience, serving as director in multiple multi-national company, providing technical and operation strategy advice to BisZinc since day one.

Rita Fung

Chief Financial Advisor

15+ years of accounting and auditing experience, HKICPA member, currently providing account and financial process management support.

Kit Yeung

Lead Architect

20 years of experience in SaaS solution development and leadership, kit is looking after our backend system design, core system function, market place and user profile sub system of our platform implementation.

Vicky Tam

Program Director

14+ years of software development and business program support, vicky is leading our education program (dr-bz), driving various aspect of our business and software development. Vicky is leading dr-bz site, course, user expereince and marketing development effort.

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