Manage Everything for your Personal Moments

Capture and prioritize your ideas, to-do lists, Inspiration in Notes, Track your tasks and deadlines


Project Management, Team Collaboration and Template Exchange Platform

Through circulating instructions for staff, monitoring project process and collaboration, and Ayuda Marketplace

Capturing your know-how

Follow a straight forward, easy to understand process to capture how you work over time. Improve upon it and repeat it till perfection. Ensuring the job will be completed with the result you can expect and with people with the right skillset.


Template Exchange

Taking a systematic approach to sharing your tacit template that people acquire through their work experiences, successes and challenges. Using our patent pending technology to bundle your captured template and data into a unique package and enable real time, online service exchange. Save Time and Man Power From Training For The Same Material

Team Collaboration Platform

Prioritization of work and keep the team organize, focus and track the efficiency


Chameleon Worker/Freelancer/Slasher

Want to adapt to change, learn new skills in a short space of time and seamlessly move from assignment to assignment? Put your own schedule, and we will match the jobs with your skills, interest and availability

Train smart teams and work efficiently

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