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What is Dr-Bz?

Dr-Bz is an online education platform operated by our team at BisZinc. Using the advanced project management technology we have built, our solution help teacher provides online lesson of their own with ease. Teachers can set up classes, manage classwork, students, and conduct online lessons, all from one web service.

Now you can take advantage of this platform to make money by offering teaching of your choice. The process is simple, pick a topic, plan for your class's content, set up your plan in our system. We will work with you to recruit students, and you will receive payment from us based on the number of students attended your class weekly.

We take a service charge from education voucher student purchases from our platform, so teachers do not have to pay for the use of our platform. Since your success is ours, it is our business mission to invest time and money into advertising your classes and helping you address any problem so you will find success in our service.

Getting Started!

Teaching on our platform is straightforward. You need only to follow these five steps.

1 Come up with a teaching plan. 2 Learn how to use our system. 3 Setup your classes. 4 Advertise your class and recruit student. 5 Give Class.

First, you begin with deciding on your class topic and schedule, contact, and discuss with us if your offer would work on our platform.
Next, you invest some time learning how to use our system, which should take only a few hours. We will set up a meeting with you to confirm if you are ready.
You can then set up your class in our system, and we will work with you to start advertising your work and recruit students. Depending on the number of students signup to the class, we can proceed with the teaching or make adjustments and try another round of promotion.

How Dr-Bz being special for teacher

We built Dr-Bz with teacher for teacher. Our goal is to create more opportunities for teachers, making it easier and more accessible for anyone who has skill to share to teach on our platform.
A single stop for class material and classwork management, assign and track classwork for any number of classes from one place. Integrated virtual classroom, start or join a class with a single click. No software to install, no meeting id and password to manage. Education optimized virtual class room with tool you can use to give your teaching Simple to use trophy system, you can compliment your student for their excellent work Partnership relationship, you are the owner of your class, your decide, when, who, how and what to teach No charge to you; you only ever get paid from our platform, never will you have to pay us a cent. Join Us Now!


Are classes pre-recorded?
No, while you can use pre-recorded material, all classes are conducted person to person.
Who are the students?
Primary school students in hong kong, they can come from different school and region.
Will Dr-Bz provide the teaching material?
No, while we will offer support, teacher is expected to provide their material
How do I get paid?
We support FPS, PPS and direct bank transfer, later we will be switching to direct transfer via Stripe.com
What can I teach?
We aim to serve primary school students in Hong Kong; you can decide the subject and grade of study your class will focus
Any minimum requirement to teach?
You must be an experienced teacher or professional/student working/studying in the field of the subject you plan to teach
How much do I get paid?
Depends on the number of students attended your class and how much you set to charge per student for your class.
How many student per class
We suggest less than 5, but we allow you to recruit up to eight
How long are each class
1 hour
Do I need to publish my profile/experience?
You decide. We provide facility for you to publish your profile, you have full control of what to share.
What equipment do I need?
You will need a mac/pc computer with microphone and webcam, plus a network connection of 10Mbps or above
How much computer skill do I need to have?
If you know how to use PowerPoint, experienced in using zoom and web browser, you will have no problem handling our system.

Teacher-Student Matching Service

Our new teacher-student matching service helps you to match students and it is FREE!

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