10 Things To Do In Hong Kong With Kids
May 30, 2021

Disclaimer: Due to covid-19, the restrictions on opening and closures of outdoor spots are constantly evolving. Please make sure you take extra precautions and follow the latest government advice if you are going out with kids.

"Adventures are the best way to learn. Let those growing minds spend some green time.”

Exposure to Nature nurtures curiosity and a tendency to seek solutions in children. Parents should take their kids to family-friendly spots every week or month so they can enjoy outdoor activities and real-world learning. It will positively impact their cognitive development and help them gain an enhanced view of the world.

Hong Kong is bursting with fun attractions that help your kids get into some physical activity. It is without a doubt the Pearl of the Orient - a dynamic and vibrant city. The list of things to do in Hong Kong with kids is expansive - it really packs a punch.

Whether you’ve lived here for years or are just sampling Hong Kong life with your kids, there are endless opportunities for creative, educational, and adventurous activities – and many of them are free.

So we say explore Hong Kong with kids by visiting these holiday retreats, adventure parks, beaches, and museums - and beat the boredom.

1. Monopoly Dreams

Monopoly is the world’s favourite board games that bring ultimate fun with tossing dice and buying houses. If your teens are fans of Monopoly, this themed attraction is worth a visit. Monopoly Dreams is a brand-new tourist destination in Hong Kong located at your favourite place– the Peak. There are some classic elements such as Train Station, Water Supply, Ultimate Banking that are waiting to give you the best MONOPOLY experience! Take the Peak Tram at the terminal and own your dreams altogether!

2. Visit Snoopy’s World

Image source: https://www.makemytrip.com/travel-guide/media/dg_image/hong_kong/Snoopy's-World.jpg

Fans of Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and Peppermint Petty will love this theme park that’s tucked away inside Sha Tin’s New Town Plaza. Snoopy’s world is less known to average Hong Kong visitors, but it’s another great attraction that offers many activities for kids in Hong Kong with no entrance fee.

Snoopy’s world is divided into six small amusement zones:

• The Snoopy’s House filled with oversized figurines (5.5 meters long and 3.3 meters tall )of Peanuts characters
• School Plaza: The Peanuts Academy
• Baseball Playground: Peanuts Dugout
• Mini Town Area: Peanuts Boulevard
• Community Hall: Snoopy wedding house
• An exciting Boating Canal: Canoe boat ride with Snoopy and friends.

3. Geo-park Adventures In Sai Kung

Image source: https://hw-media.herworld.com/public/2018/03/image/hike_1_edit_3.jpg

Geo-Park is also known as Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark - home to many outdoor activities for kids to make their adrenaline better. Weekend nomads head to Sai Kung via kayak to discover the park. Kids can also enjoy hiking, wakeboarding, biking, and a short boat ride from Sai Kung pier to Sharp Island - a fun beach for kids to explore.

At Sai Kung Waterfront Park, there’s a Volcano Discovery Hall that exhibits basic knowledge of volcanology, volcanic structure, volcanic eruption methods, hexagonal rock pillars, rock specimens from different volcanoes, and details about Geopark attractions. The museum offers free diversified geological guided tours with a rich experience.

4. Cool Off In The Amazing Waterfalls

Image source: https://hongkongliving.com/hikes-ng-tung-chai-tai-po/

Go chase waterfalls in Hong Kong with your kiddos and let them experience Nature for a whole afternoon. Sheung Luk Stream in Sai Wan, Sai Kung is bursting with waterfalls, cliffs, rock pools, and family fun. Take a family hike to the beach or board a Sampan from Sai Kung and enjoy the 30-minute cruise with your kids.

At Sai wan beach, you can enjoy lunch or beach play. Head left down the beach, and there’s a path to Sheung Luk stream. Climb for 15 minutes passing the smaller rock pools, and you will reach the waterfalls with a 40ft high cliff. Make sure to bring life jackets and water shoes for kids.

Ng Tung Chai is another riveting hike in Hong Kong, and this picturesque trail offers a startling galore of views and 4 stunning waterfalls. Kids can swim and explore at each of the falls. The hike starts from Ng Tung Chai Village on Lam Kam road.

5. Visit Cool Public Parks

Hong Kong boasts some beautiful public parks to stroll and get some fresh air while chaos reigns all around you. These spaces are adorned with Nature’s beauty to enhance the quality of life.

Tuen Mun Park: It covers 12.5 hectares of land to provide a variety of recreational facilities. It’s located in the center of Tuen Mun District, featuring beautiful surroundings, pleasant scenery, and an artificial lake. The Reptile House museum is another attraction located in the south of the park that expands to a total area of about 500 square meters. It features indoor exhibition tanks and open-air exhibition halls, exhibiting different species of reptiles. The Reptile hall is the main attraction of the park that attracts a large number of tourists.

Yuen Long Park: It is located on a piece of natural woodland in Buffalo Ridge, close to Yuen Long Stadium. The park hosts the original topography, thousands of scattered trees, flowers, small bridges, artificial lakes adorned with waterfalls, and a birdhouse at The Aviary Tower. It’s a prominent symbol of Yuen Long Park that stands on the 30-meter-high Buffalo Ridge and has the characteristics of Chinese architecture. You can view the entire Yuen Long City from the top of the tower.

Thousand Faces Town Exhibition: It’s another attractive place in Hong Kong which records the rich history and the memories of Kowloon Walled City and its residents. The town exhibition includes an outdoor exhibition area and six exhibition halls that exhibit the city through models, images and sound effects. At the interactive exhibition hall, citizens can wave their hands in front of the exhibition curtain in the pavilion to watch the historical and modern transformation and life in Kowloon City.

6. Grab Those Little Wheels And Go Cycling

Image source: https://contents.mediadecathlon.com/p1863315/k$8d38a4737672f309ced06f0d4543daad/1180x0/2534pt1994/4922xcr2734/CYCLING--3-GREAT-PLACES-FOR-PARENTS-TO-GO-CYCLING-WITH-THEIR-CHILDREN.jpg

Hong Kong is blessed with family-friendly cycling trails to get away on weekends. You and your kids can admire the spectacular scenery and connect with Nature from a bike seat. Po Kong Village Road Park, located in Diamond Hill, is a great spot for little riders and beginner cyclists to practice. It includes a third-generation artificial turf pitch, an elevated cycling track, and extreme sports field.

The Tolo Harbour Cycle Track is another cycling destination in Hong Kong for its glory. Running from Tai Po to Tai Mei Tuk, this trail offers twenty kilometers of dedicated cycling route along the Tolo Harbour.

West Kowloon Waterfront Cultural District is another favourite to enjoy a day out cruising along the harbour on two wheels - get extra training wheels for little ones.

7. Get Your Kids Schooled At Museums

Image source: https://thecityview.com.hk/uploads/images/near-by-science-museum-1-190710130658.jpg

One of the most productive things to do in Hong Kong with kids is to take them to local museums of space and science. Let their young minds explore what’s hidden inside the world. The Hong Kong Science Museum is the best option to start with. It has over 500 exhibitions to help kids learn about electricity, motion, and energy by playing with the devices. There is a four-level-high dropping ball device showing the changes of energy from one form to another through spectacular audio-visual effects. It also has a range of exhibits from animal species, robotics, and virtual reality.

The Hong Kong Space Museum is good for little astronauts. They can go inside a real space capsule and examine exhibits about astronomy and watch the astronomy movie on the hemispherical dome.

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is a great place for art lovers. Guarding above 17,000 art treasures that reflect the cultural heritage of Hong Kong, this place is a wonderland to savour art. It exhibits ancient and modern art, Chinese and Western, and local and international, to interpret the diverse art world and let it connect with life.

8. Afternoon School Activities At CupNoodles

CupNoodles Museum offers invigorating experiences to arouse the curiosity and creativity within the kids. The Museum comprises brand-new attractions themed workshops and exhibition areas. At the museum your children will immerse into an interactive experience of innovation and get a rich educational experience by seeing, touching, playing, eating, and having fun.

9. Online Interactive Learning at Dr-Bz

Dr-Bz provides online interactive classrooms for primary kids to make the learning experience more lively and interesting. School-based and extra-curricular courses are also available here according to children's needs to improve school performance and develop new interests. Kids can stay at home amid the epidemic, learn and practise activities interactively with some of the best teachers.

10. Lego Land Discovery Centre

Discover Hong Kong’s famous attractions, all in one at LegoLand Discovery Centre. The Lego super indoor playground will stimulate childrens’ unlimited imagination and creativity. While the Lego mini world built with one million lego bricks showcasing popular landmarks and landscapes in Hong Kong will be a dreamland for people who like to explore the city. In addition, the castle adventure, depot farm, Lego 4D studio, Lego speedway, magic turntable, Lego coffee house, Lego creative studio, and Lego gift shop will give families the most enlightening experience of adventure and fun.

Closing Thoughts

Extra-curricular activities can help improve the physical and mental health of children. So, always take your kids outside for adventure so they can learn and explore the world themselves - that’s how they will learn to figure things out and improve their analytical thinking abilities.


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